BREEAM Certification! Order the BREEAM green label from us!

Tepsli BREEAM experts are licensed for BREEAM Certification!  

BREEAM certification is one of the most acclaimed methods of sustainability assessment, in which an independent party, the Building Research Establishment (BRE), assesses the quality of a building, including its energy efficiency performance. 

It is the world’s first green label based on broad-based evaluation criteria. The certificate enables a comprehensive assessment of the building’s energy efficiency, environmental and user-friendliness, and sustainability in each part of the life cycle of the building. 

BREEAM’s evaluation criteria vary according to the type of building and the life cycle stage of the building. Thus, the label is very flexible and helps to ensure that the principles of sustainability are applied to design, construction, use and management. BREEAM certificates can be issued by licensed experts only, and Tepsli has this capability. 


BREAAM certification benefits all parties: 

  • helps reduce operational costs and increases efficiency; 
  • a reliable and comprehensive assessment of the value of the property; 
  • increases the value of the property and helps to ensure higher tenant occupancy; 
  • improves the well-being, comfort, and productivity of the users of the building; 
  • ensures that the energy use of the building corresponds to the designed level; 
  • helps to meet the sustainability goals of the owner, the operator and the tenant; 
  • the investment made in the licencing pays off through higher asset value. 

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