CO2 measurement - reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the indoor climate

There is a direct link between air quality, health, and productive work that is impossible to underestimate.

CO2 measurement provides an overview of the indoor climate of a building. If your building has a better indoor climate, you will feel more comfortable, work more efficiently and be healthier and more efficient.

To assess air quality, we provide you with smart IoT multi-sensors, which monitor the indoor air* for an agreed period of time and provide us with information about the quality of the indoor climate and its changes throughout the day (24h).

Based on both the data we collect and the conversations we have with you, we can suggest solutions to improve air quality. We can interpret the data and undertake work on the technical systems of your building that will improve the indoor climate.

CO2 Measurement – How to proceed?

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* CO2, temperature, relative humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOC), barometric pressure, and air quality index values are recorded

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Are you interested in improving the indoor climate? Call 5647 8568 or write to