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Energy efficiency report

An overview of the indoor climate and costs, including a plan on how to operate significantly more economically and efficiently on a daily basis.

BREEAM green label

BREEAM makes it possible to assess the energy efficiency, environmental and user-friendliness, and sustainability of buildings.

CO2 measurement

Did you know that employee productivity can be increased with very simple tools? Fresh air gives results.

Mapping of environmental impacts

Through the CO2 measure, local governments can receive subsidies to make their buildings more energy-efficient.

Our mission

Tepsli OÜ goal is an energy-efficient Estonia!

A sustainable lifestyle is better for both the environment and your wallet. Tepsli OÜ focus is on commercial real estate, which accounts for 15% of all energy consumption in Estonia. Various energy efficiency works can significantly reduce this number and at the same time significantly increase the quality and profitability of real estate. However, before the actual construction activities, it is necessary to assess the savings potential, map the existing ones and write down the activities to be started based on the goals. That's what we can help with!

Tepsli is busy

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Tepsli OÜ is licensed BREAAM assessor company

It is one of the most authoritative methods of environmental assessment, in which the quality of a building is assessed by an independent party, the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

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Siim Meeliste | energiatõhusus | breeam

Siim Meeliste

Founder and CEO

Expert in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Promotes the application of the best technologies

from hardware to artificial intelligence. The year 2050

project manager of a climate-neutral Estonian study.

Email: siim@tepsli.eu
Tel: (+372) 5647 8568

Margus Tali | Breeam hindaja

Margus Tali


BREEAM Certified Auditor.

Email: margus@tepsli.eu

Tel: (+372) 5663 2141

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Tepsli makes world more energy efficent!